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A summary of comments on post Love and Friendship

There has been some comments on the post about Love and Friendship and myths and superstitions. I have made a summary using Wordle, and it looks great – don’t you think?

This week we have been working on grammar:

  • Verbs that do not usually take a reflexive pronoun in English
  • Adjectives used as if they were nouns in Norwegian

We worked on some of the exercises in workbook. You can find extra exercises on English Grammar Online and English Grammar.

I have also signed up for the wiki Authentic Voices, which is a project where students upload their written work and comment on other students’ work as well. The first thing I would like us to check out is the few and quite simple Guidelines. But more about that on Monday!

2 thoughts on “Grammar

  1. Yes, it looks great! Funny. Can you please post the links to those pages with videos? The computers at school did not work.

    – Susann

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